Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Hello

Small update. Preparing for the rain. I had intended on hosting a going-away party for two Dutch friends this evening on my building's rooftop, but it looks as if the weather will force us indoors. I don't have enough chairs. Ooph.

Blonde Redhead - "Misery Is A Butterfly"

- Post-Sonic Youth worship, pre-dream pop. I love this record and could listen to the track Elephant Woman all day long. It is almost as if the tracks all seem to blend into one, which is a good thing.


Twelve Hour Turn - "Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction"

- One of many great releases from this band. Their last, and best, full length. So many great tracks. I used to listen to the song Dont Let The Music Die And Don't Replace Me on constant repeat.


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