Saturday, December 13, 2008

Singer / Songwriters

Shannon Wright - "Let The Light In" - 2007

Dark, brooding pop music is what I suppose you could call this album. Easily my #1 active musician. Aside from her great song writing, she pretty much epitomizes all that a live performance should be. Too many bands forget that a live show is a performance and not just an opportunity to sell t-shirts.


Emmy The Great - "We Almost Had A Baby" + Demos - 2008

Indie-pop. Her full length comes out Feb '09 and she'll probably blow up. Very catchy.


Gemma Hayes - "Night On My Side" - 2003

Part pop, part My Bloody Valentine. Right behind Shannon Wright for my favorite active singer/song writer. She definitely deserves more recognition than she's gotten over the course of her 3 full lengths.


Lisa Hannigan - "Sea Sew" - 2008

Irish folk-pop. I can't stop listening to the first track.


Frank Turner - "Love, Ire, and Song" - 2008

Some compare him to Billy Bragg, and I see that. Photosynthesis, To Take You Home, A Love Worth Keeping are all really, really good tracks.


Billy Bragg - "Workers Playtime" - 1988

Classic album. Little Time Bomb is one of my top 10 songs of all time.

Friday, December 12, 2008


The newest Coffins album, released this year, "Buried Death".

So heavy. The tracks Under The Stench and Altars In Gore are pretty much


Cheap Girls - "Find Me A Drink Home" - 2008

Alt rock that is comparable to the Lemonheads, I guess, and pretty much college radio from the early 90s.


Espers - "ii" - 2006

Psych-folk. You need this album.


Thou - "Peasants"

Crucial doom from NOLA. If not more members, I know the singer was in Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead (McCarthyism) and Eat A Bag of Dicks. The main riff in the song Burning Black Coals... is one of the coolest I've heard in a long time.


Crowsdell - "Dreamette" - 1995

An early band from Shannon Wright, whom I worship. Sort of Pavement-ish and was produced by Stephen Malkmus, so there ya go. Solid album all the way through but Down and Waltz are my favorite tracks.


The Dickies - "Dawn of The Dickies" - 1979

One of my favorite punk albums of all time that features one of my favorite songs of all time, Infidel Zombie.


Max Richter - "The Blue Notebooks" - 2004

His best release, in my opinion. Neo-classical, self described "post-classical". He was classically trained on violin and piano, both of which play large roles in his music. He often times blends those instruments with minimalist electronic.


Slowdive - "Slowdive" EP - 1990

Doesn't really need a description. Shoegaze. Pretty sure this was their debut.


Yaphet Kotto - "Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love" - 2001

One of my favorite emo releases from the early '00s / late '90s era.


Much more additions tomorrow when I've actually got a bit of free time.