Friday, August 21, 2009

Work + Blog

I am an auditor for a CPA firm. What I love about the current state of my job is the fact that I am still relatively new, which means I still know relatively nothing about my field of work. That said, it is interim time, which means I conduct a lot of interviews with clients. Point being, half of the time I don't know what the hell I am talking about when conducting these interviews - I am simply following procedures from the prior year's audit, yet the interviewee does not see it that way. So, essentially, I can screw up and somehow manage to not make myself look like an ass...unless my in-charge happens to sit in on an interview, which happens from time to time. This just happened, which is what sparked the blog entry.

Anyway, music...

Julianna Barwick - "Florine" EP

- One of my favorite releases of the year thus far. Tons of layered vocal tracks that pretty much act as instrumentation, backed with piano on occasion. Brooklyn has played home to some great acts this year.


Dead Mellotron - "Ghost Light Constellation" EP

- I love this guy's stuff. Shoegazey at times...a lot of ambient stuff. Before my house's garage was shut down as a DC venue, I had spoken with him about booking and he said he was in the process of putting together a live band. So..look out for any sort of Dead Mellotron east coast tour (if it hasn't happened already). Anyway, essential listening, right here.


Cold Blood - "Cold Blood"

- Lydia Pense's voice is incredible. Enough said. Listen to the track "If You Will"....again and again and again. This album was released in '68 or '69. I was fortunate enough to find the LP pretty easily (thanks, Crooked Beat). Sort of a psychedelic/rock/funk, who, with the addition of Pense, added an element of soul...which is why I love them so much. They sort of remind me of Smith, who I will be posting later. Anyway, enjoy...



  1. Whoa...Cold Blood! Now that's a band that if I was ever familiar with, have long since faded from my memory banks. Sounds like Blood Sweat and Tears meets Janis Joplin with more than a little dose of the "What is Hip" Tower of Power sound. Love the horns and the genuine old school drumming chops.

    I just looked them up and they are still very much alive and making music. Nice find!

  2. Janis Joplin was actually a big fan of Lydia Pense and Cold Blood. She helped them out with booking agents and the like, recommending them to people who had helped Joplin herself out along the way. I thought that was pretty cool to stumble upon.