Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roof Every Night

So my night has devolved from plans of going to a show at Velvet Lounge, to plans of cleaning my apartment, to eating dinner, drinking beers, and writing this blog entry on my building's roof. I can't always, great breeze, not a soul up here, comfortable chair, and the beer buzz that makes working an 830 to 6p day not seem as bad it may sound.

Anyway, here is the soundtrack to my rooftop dinner. Enjoy.

Majority Rule - "Interviews with David Frost"
- probably my favorite Virginia band of, maybe, all time. They've put on some of the most fun, intense shows I've ever seen. Whether it be at the UMD radio station, random churches in DC, or, oddly enough, the Black Cat...the intensity never dwindled. I'm not one for reunion shows, but this is one band I'd love to see reunite for one final show.

Marine Girls - "On My Mind" 45
- One of the few songs I can listen to over and over and over again. This is Tracy Thorn's old group that existed from 1980 to 1983. She later went on to form Everything But The Girl...who covered On My Mind.

Pocahaunted - "Goldminers' Daughters"
- Probably my favorite of the many, many releases from this group. Sadly, Bethany has left the group to form Best Coast (incredibly catchy smoked-up, surf pop). But Diva from blackblack has taken over Bethany's spot in the band. According to Brit/Amanda at NNF, the last Pocahaunted release (the live cassette) will be the last release under the name Pocahaunted. Bummer. But their new stuff sounds like some crucial, jam-band psychedelic it's all good, I 'spose.

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa - "Pigment"
- Their earlier releases (ie this one) were really great shoegaze. The opening track to this EP, "What", is too catchy for words. To top it off, they're a Czech band. Female vocals...great stuff.

125 rue Monmartre - "S/T 7 inch"
- Incredible record. Great German, female fronted emo band. They broke up in 2000 or so. This is a must have 7" for anyone into bands like Dahlia Seed and the like.

Oscillating Innards - "Droneseas 3"
- Great ambient/noise. Intense stuff. I wish I could actually track down the releases rather than just downloading. Anyway, enjoy.

Noise fans, check out for some great, tough to find cassettes. Probably one of my favorite blogs out there.

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