Saturday, December 13, 2008

Singer / Songwriters

Shannon Wright - "Let The Light In" - 2007

Dark, brooding pop music is what I suppose you could call this album. Easily my #1 active musician. Aside from her great song writing, she pretty much epitomizes all that a live performance should be. Too many bands forget that a live show is a performance and not just an opportunity to sell t-shirts.


Emmy The Great - "We Almost Had A Baby" + Demos - 2008

Indie-pop. Her full length comes out Feb '09 and she'll probably blow up. Very catchy.


Gemma Hayes - "Night On My Side" - 2003

Part pop, part My Bloody Valentine. Right behind Shannon Wright for my favorite active singer/song writer. She definitely deserves more recognition than she's gotten over the course of her 3 full lengths.


Lisa Hannigan - "Sea Sew" - 2008

Irish folk-pop. I can't stop listening to the first track.


Frank Turner - "Love, Ire, and Song" - 2008

Some compare him to Billy Bragg, and I see that. Photosynthesis, To Take You Home, A Love Worth Keeping are all really, really good tracks.


Billy Bragg - "Workers Playtime" - 1988

Classic album. Little Time Bomb is one of my top 10 songs of all time.

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  1. Workers Playtime is one of my most favorite albums ever. I sort of remember Frank Turner -- did he release albums in the 80s as well? I recall him as Billy Braggy... if he's the person I'm recalling.